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"We Go Beyond 20/20"

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We are a full scope optometric practice dedicated to providing the highest quality vision care to children and adults in a friendly, comfortable, and professional atmosphere. With a highly trained staff and state of the art equipment, we go beyond the 20/20. There’s more to healthy vision than 20/20.

Who Needs Vision Therapy?

  • Children with poor learning related issues; poor eye contact, poor tracking, visualizing, poor comprehension, and poor depth perception.
  • If you have been diagnosed with Crossed Eye (Strabismus) or Lazy Eye (Amblyopia): Crossed eyes and or lazy eyes can be treated with Vision Therapy instead of conventional surgery, glasses or patching. Vision Therapy is very effective for these conditions at an early age, but can yield results for patients of any age.
  • Stress-induced vision problems: Our high-tech society requires many people to do a large volume of near work in front of a computer screen. Because of this, there are an increasing number of patients that experience eyestrain, headaches and other visual related difficulties.
  • Patients that have had a stroke, brain injury, developmental delays, cerebral palsy or have multiple sclerosis, among other neurological ailments. Visual rehabilitation can help with neurological disorder or trauma to the nervous system that has affected a person’s vision.
  • Athletes; even good vision can become better. Athletes often use Vision Therapy to improve eye-hand coordination, visual reaction time, peripheral awareness, eye teaming, focusing, tracking and visualization skills.

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